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Welcome to Complete ENT Brisbane

CompleteENT are a team of leading otolaryngologists who are proudly delivering outstanding care to adults and children with ear, nose and throat conditions in Queensland.

Comprising a unique combination of like-minded ENT, Head and Neck surgeons, CompleteENT practice allows each surgeon to sub-specialise in a particular area of ENT medicine (otolaryngology) ensuring there is always an expert on hand to help treat and manage your specific condition.

With multiple practices located throughout South East Queensland, the team of surgeons at CompleteENT always aims to provide complete, high quality care for all ear, nose and throat services.

Trusted Brisbane ENT Specialists

ENT for Adults & Paediatric ENT Services Include:

The team of specialists is experienced and qualified in all aspects of ENT care to ensure that patients are provided with the best possible treatment and outcomes. Find out more about the conditions treated by the specialists at CompleteENT.

The combination of leading ENT surgeons at CompleteENT enables them to sub-specialise to provide expert opinions on all ear, nose and throat conditions.  Find out more about the conditions treated by our specialists.

Why Choose The Ear, Nose And Throat Doctors At Complete ENT?

We understand that choosing an ENT surgeon can be a difficult decision. Proper function of the ears, nose and throat is vital to our overall health and wellbeing, so it is important to find a private ENT specialist that you can trust to look after you and your family. At CompleteENT, the doctors are passionate about the ENT specialty and provision of care for both adults and children with ENT conditions.

The individual surgeons at CompleteENT combine their knowledge and skills in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery with the vision of providing a complete and collaborative ENT service. As a result, you can be sure that your condition will be treated by an experienced ear, nose and throat specialist in Brisbane.

The doctors take the time to get to know each patient so they can provide outstanding and individualised care for that particular condition. Whether you need to see an ENT specialist for sinusitis, sleep apnoea or hearing loss, the expert team at CompleteENT provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options to ensure the best possible outcome for each patient.

What To Expect From Your First ENT Appointment

A referral letter is required for your initial consultation with a private ENT doctor. These are valid for 12 months from your GP, and for three months from a specialist.

Prior to your first visit, you may be asked to complete various questionnaires sent to you either via email or by letter. You will also need to bring any current relevant medical imaging, hearing test or other investigations that may be pertinent and a list of your current medications in order to build a comprehensive medical profile.

During the appointment, your ENT specialist will ask about your symptoms, their duration and your general health and medical history. The doctor will usually examine your ears, nose and throat to help understand your condition. You may also undergo some tests during your first visit or be requested to return to the clinic at a later date. We may also be able to arrange tele-health or video-consultation appointments for selected patients.

By the end of your first appointment, you should have a clear idea of the next steps and what to expect from the available treatment options. Your ENT surgeon may need to see you again following your initial consultation and may request test results, investigations and ongoing monitoring of your condition.